Bachelor of Interior Design

The need for Education of Interior Design and Decoration to meet the developmental requirements and aspiration of the society which is rapidly growing. Adequate facilities for training of Interior Designers has become the matter of urgency. Interior Design Education which calls for a creative approach must expose a student to the total environment and develop a philosophy consistent with the traditions, indigenous technology, social and economic needs of the people.

The demand for qualified Interior Designers is growing and at the same time there are no facilities for Interior Design education. A large number of candidates seeking admission, who otherwise are fully capable of pursuing the course of studies in interior have to be turned away for lack of adequate facilities for interior design education resulting in the sprouting of sub-standard and undesirable Interior institutions. There is therefore, an urgent need to bring the standards of Interior design education on a level commensurate with the needs of our country.

The ultimate aim of the training is to educate creative, competent, self-reliant women professionals and the development of the field.

To promote the women education in the professional fields and self-employment as well as the success of non-conventional approach of the Government policy to vocational training for women, there is a need of such course.