About us

                                                                               Vision, Mission & Goals


  • To Promote Equal Opportunities in Higher Education for Women Student community.
  • To Educate & Prepare Girls, student community for vocational & professional excellence to face the need of changing economic Condition & business Policies of the Government.


  • Adopting Variety of Modern Pedagogues.
  • Prepare Women Student Academically.
  • Facilitate Women in Understanding, Developing Interaction and applying core and Specialized Concepts and Practices.
  • Update Women in a Different Vocations and Professions to Face the Future Challenges of Market by providing them Laboratory and Field Practical Training.


  • Promoting  Sense  of  Belongingness,  Confidence  and  Fulfill  the  Expectations  of Women Community and Society at Large.
  • Imparting High Quality Value Based Career Oriented Education to Women Students and Encouraging to them Self Employment.
  • Developing a Systematic Approach in Solving the Problems at Specific and Universal Context. Encouraging on Team Spirit and Team Work.