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About College

The Visionary Late Prof. Dr. A. D. Shinde, under CSIBER Trust, started the College of Non-Conventional Vocational Courses for Women in 1994,the first of its kind ,with the mission statement अस्माभी: उद्योगिनी निर्मियते  which means creating women entrepreneurs and guiding  them to be independent economically and socially in the society.

The main focus of the institution is to empower girl students by providing skill-based education along with sound knowledge. It is also committed to meet the changing socio-economic needs, with human values and purposeful social responsibility along with methodological training. 

The holistic development of our students is of paramount importance and our most cherished motto   of providing academic excellence in a vibrant environment that helps one experience life abundantly is met with. This has promoted the development of personal and intellectual growth in tandem and has helped students combine serving others as well as meeting personal ambition. As a college we are committed to, providing a love for learning, promoting critical and ethical reflection and developing sensitivity towards a sustainable environment. 

At present, the college is offering various programmes such as Bachelors degree in Food Technology and Management B.Sc.(FTM), Bachelors degree in Dress Making and Fashion Co-ordination B.A.(DMFC), Bachelors in Interior Design (B.I.D), Bachelors in Commerce Bank Management B.Com.(BM), Bachelors in Environment Science B.Sc.(Envt.Sci),  M.Sc.(Food Science and Nutrition) and Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics  (PGDND) with different add on courses in the functional areas and foreign languages such as French, German, and Japanese. The programs offered by the college are very unique in making our students skill oriented and employable.