Outcome of the Degree


B.A. (DMFC)-I (Program Outcome/Course outcome)


  1. Communication Skill for self employed :-  1. To train the students with the global perspectives. 2. To create competencies in communication for careers in fashion design.
  2. Introduction to textile sciences:-1. To impact knowledge about fiber & it’s properties. 2. To understand the various fabric techniques.
  3. Sewing Technology:-1. Introduce the concept of assembly of pattern by sewing. 2. Provide the knowledge of machine used for sewing.
  4. Pattern Drafting :- 1. To enable students to gain knowledge of basic pattern drafting. 2. Learn the drafting of basic Block & Flat pattern techniques.
  5. Textile and Apparel Designing :- 1. To introduce students to fashion illustration & its role in fashion design. 2. To understand different illustration techniques & dynamic figure sketching.
  6. Needle Craft :- 1. To impact knowledge on various basic embroidery stitches. 2. To gain practical knowledge on use of different embroidery stitches for surface ornamentation.
  7. Garment Construction :- 1. To train the students with stitching techniques. 2. Provide the knowledge of body measurements & drafting & construction techniques. 


B.A. (DMFC)-II (Program Outcome/Course outcome)


  1. Clothing Culture: 1. To understand the trends in clothing behavior. 2. Gain an insight on the planning process involved in clothing selection.
  2. Apparel Designing :-  1. To gain knowledge regarding various principles of design the dress accordingly.
  3. Pattern Layout :- 1. To do the proper layout of paper drafts on the fabric. 2. To make maximum usage of fabric with minimum wastage.
  4. Traditional Indian Textiles :- 1. To understand the Indian textiles of different states. 2. Learn the art of stitching different Indian embroideries.
  5. Textile art & wet Processing :-  1. Gain knowledge of textile & garment wet processing. 2. Get introduce to various chemicals, dyes & finishes for chemical Processing.
  6. Pattern Drafting :- 1. Gain knowledge of basic pattern making. 2. Learn the drafting of basic block & flat pattern making techniques.
  7. Garments Construction :- 1. Learn the aspects of pattern construction. 2. Know the concept of garment making.
  8. Computer Application : 1. Gain Knowledge of basic knowledge of computer. 2. Understand the role of I.T. in automation, fashion & apparels.




B.A. (DMFC)-III  (Program Outcome/Course outcome)


  1. Fashion Merchandising :- 1. To study the current market trends of garments & boutiques & Industrial level.
  2. Computer Aided Design :- 1. To explore advance tools available in coral draw & Photoshop. 2. To gain the knowledge about mood board &colour board.
  3. Apparel Designing :- 1. To develop the story board, client profile, spe sheets, Cost sheets. 2. To develop the skill to choose an appropriate theme & implementation of the same.
  4. Garment Construction :- 1. To train the students with stitching techniques. 2. To Provide the knowledge of men’s wear & construction techniques.
  5. Management & Entrepreneurship Skills:- 1. To gain the knowledge of management history & development. 2. To develop the skills of entrepreneurship.
  6. Grading & Fashion Reading :- 1. To get knowledge of fashion regading, drafting & Accessories designing. 2. To train the students with grading skills.
  7. World Costumes :- 1. To study the ancient Indian costumes. 2. To gain the  knowledge of costumes of the classical age.

Apparel Production & quality control :- 1.To study the brief history of apparel technology, sewing machine. 2 . To study the production process and operations carried out in garment production unit.