Institutional Distinctiveness


College of Non Conventional Vocational Courses for Women, Kolhapur


College of Non-Conventional vocational Courses for Women, Kolhapur is the first college of its kind under Shivaji University imparting non-conventional vocational training to girl students with the objective of women empowerment since 1994. The Government of India and the State Government have passed different legislation for the achievement of equal rights to the women and proper education to the women. In spite of these efforts of the Government very little has been achieved in respect of women education, training and their employment. Priority has been given to education for women in the new education policy. The planning process in India intends to strengthen the contribution of women in economic development. Liberal education could not fully explore this latent course for development. The non-conventional programmes started by this college to ensure higher participation of women, as one step closer in the task of national development and re-construction from the Kolhapur region. These professional and vocational programmes are helping the girl students to take up multi dimensional role in the changing economic world, where new opportunities are made available to them. This college has constantly tried to bring the ladies to the expectations of the Modern World, with values, skills and specific knowledge, by undergoing the professional and vocational training and education. The girl students will raise their socio economic status in the society by becoming self supporting. By implementing the national policy of the Government of “Make in India” will not only provide good services to society, but also will create millions of jobs. If one looks at the history of the Institute the vision of our founder, one will realize that we are far ahead of other contemporary colleges in creating new opportunities and business avenues endeavoring to support these national causes for development.