B.Sc. in Environment Science


Course Structure:

B.Sc. in Environment Science I

Sem I

Sem II

Ecology & Ecosystem

Fundamental of Environmental Pollution -2 (air & noise)

Natural Resources

Biological Diversity and Conservation

Fundamentals of Geosciences

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Fundamentals of Environmental pollution-1[Water]

Forest Management

Fundamentals of environmental Science

Solid and Hazardous Waste management

Soil Science

Occupational Health & Safety

Fundamentals of Environmental Chemisrty

Remote sensing & GIS

Fundamentals of Environmental Biology

Computer Applications

English – I

English – II


B.Sc. in Environment Science II


Sem IV


Disaster Management-1 (Natural)

Environmental Microbiology


Environmental Management System &Audit

Environmental Ethics and Environmental Issues

Environmental Engineering -2[waste water]

Environmental Engineering -1[water]

Environmental Education & policy

Environmental impact Assessment

Environmental Economics

Environmental Biotechnology

Disaster Management–II(Man made)

Environmental Studies


Environmental Studies



B.Sc. in Environment Science III

Semester V

Semester VI

Land and water management

Environmental Toxicology

Environmental Legislation


Carbon Sequestration & Ecological Footprints

Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Wildlife Management


English – III

English – IV