B.Com. Bank Management


B.Com. (Bank Management)

First Year



Accountancy Paper-I

Accountancy Paper-II

Principles of Business Management

Principles of Marketing

Business Economics Paper-I

Business Economics Paper-II

Impression Management Paper-I

Impression Management Paper-II (Business Communication)

Bank Management Paper-I (Principles and practices of banking)

Bank Management Paper-III (Central Banking)

Bank Management Paper-II

(Rural & Social Banking)

Bank Management Paper-IV (Agriculture & Co-operative Banking)

B.Com. (Bank Management)

Second Year



Accountancy Paper-III

(Accounting for Bank Managers)

Accountancy Paper-IV

(Bank audit and Reporting)

Human Recourse Management

Organizational Behaviour

Business Economics Paper-III (Recent Trends in Indian Economy)

Business Economics Paper-IV (Recent Trends in Banking)

Business Mathematics& Statistics

Research Methodology

Bank Management Paper-V (Corporate Banking)

Bank Management Paper-VII (International Banking)

Bank Management Paper-VI



Bank Management Paper-VIII

(Development Banks)

B.Com. (Bank Management)

Third Year



Entrepreneurship Development

Modern Management Practices

Bank Management Paper-IX

(Indian Banking Environment)

Bank Management Paper-XIV (Foreign Exchange and Foreign

Trade Finance)

Bank Management Paper-X (Bank Technology in India)

Bank Management Paper-XV (Treasury Management)

Bank Management Paper-XI

(Credit and Risk Management)

Bank Management Paper-XVI

(Product Development)

Bank Management Paper-XII

(Project Report and Viva voce)

Bank Management Paper-XVII

(Banking and Cyber Laws)

Bank Management Paper-XIII (Financial Markets and Services)

Bank Management Paper-XVIII (Project Appraisal and Monitoring)