BA in Multimedia

B.A. in Multimedia
Outcome of the Degree

At the end of the academic year, students will have become familiar with various working techniques and have worked on a wide variety of assignments. They will have tried out various techniques and exercises. They will be able to carry out simple tasks with the appropriate graphics software. Students will have an idea about how they can use graphic design techniques to give concrete form to their ideas.

B.A. (DMFC)-I (Program Outcome/Course outcome)


  1. Communication Skill for self employed :-  1. To train the students with the global perspectives. 2. To create competencies in communication for careers in fashion design.
  2. Introduction to textile sciences:-1. To impact knowledge about fiber & it’s properties. 2. To understand the various fabric techniques.
  3. Sewing Technology:-1. Introduce the concept of assembly of pattern by sewing. 2. Provide the knowledge of machine used for sewing.
  4. Pattern Drafting :- 1. To enable students to gain knowledge of basic pattern drafting. 2. Learn the drafting of basic Block & Flat pattern techniques.
  5. Textile and Apparel Designing :- 1. To introduce students to fashion illustration & its role in fashion design. 2. To understand different illustration techniques & dynamic figure sketching.
  6. Needle Craft :- 1. To impact knowledge on various basic embroidery stitches. 2. To gain practical knowledge on use of different embroidery stitches for surface ornamentation.
  7. Garment Construction :- 1. To train the students with stitching techniques. 2. Provide the knowledge of body measurements & drafting & construction techniques. 


B.A. (DMFC)-II (Program Outcome/Course outcome)


  1. Clothing Culture: 1. To understand the trends in clothing behavior. 2. Gain an insight on the planning process involved in clothing selection.
  2. Apparel Designing :-  1. To gain knowledge regarding various principles of design the dress accordingly.
  3. Pattern Layout :- 1. To do the proper layout of paper drafts on the fabric. 2. To make maximum usage of fabric with minimum wastage.
  4. Traditional Indian Textiles :- 1. To understand the Indian textiles of different states. 2. Learn the art of stitching different Indian embroideries.
  5. Textile art & wet Processing :-  1. Gain knowledge of textile & garment wet processing. 2. Get introduce to various chemicals, dyes & finishes for chemical Processing.
  6. Pattern Drafting :- 1. Gain knowledge of basic pattern making. 2. Learn the drafting of basic block & flat pattern making techniques.
  7. Garments Construction :- 1. Learn the aspects of pattern construction. 2. Know the concept of garment making.
  8. Computer Application : 1. Gain Knowledge of basic knowledge of computer. 2. Understand the role of I.T. in automation, fashion & apparels.


B.A. (DMFC)-III  (Program Outcome/Course outcome)


  1. Fashion Merchandising :- 1. To study the current market trends of garments & boutiques & Industrial level.
  2. Computer Aided Design :- 1. To explore advance tools available in coral draw & Photoshop. 2. To gain the knowledge about mood board &colour board.
  3. Apparel Designing :- 1. To develop the story board, client profile, spe sheets, Cost sheets. 2. To develop the skill to choose an appropriate theme & implementation of the same.
  4. Garment Construction :- 1. To train the students with stitching techniques. 2. To Provide the knowledge of men’s wear & construction techniques.
  5. Management & Entrepreneurship Skills:- 1. To gain the knowledge of management history & development. 2. To develop the skills of entrepreneurship.
  6. Grading & Fashion Reading :- 1. To get knowledge of fashion regading, drafting & Accessories designing. 2. To train the students with grading skills.
  7. World Costumes :- 1. To study the ancient Indian costumes. 2. To gain the  knowledge of costumes of the classical age.
  8. Apparel Production & quality control :- 1.To study the brief history of apparel technology, sewing machine. 2 . To study the production process and operations carried out in garment production unit.